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BusNSW Executive & Staff

BusNSW Executive Director - Darryl Mellish

Darryl Mellish has been the Executive Director of BusNSW since mid 1999. Before joining the Bus Industry he held Company Director positions in the pharmaceutical industry (12 years) and as a Business Development Manager for CSIRO (16 years).

His management and business skills have included the formation of new companies, mergers, acquisitions, capital raisings and shareholder relations. Darryl has Commerce training and many years administrative and management experience, heading finance and operations departments before becoming a Director. He is also a member of the Chartered Institute of Company Secretaries.

Since joining the Bus Industry he has been particularly committed to forming quality partnerships, looking at ways of developing sustainable land transport systems, marketing and education programs and building relationships with key stakeholders.  BusNSW represents 700 companies employing 15,000 people and 6,500 vehicles. 

Darryl Mellish is the NSW Bus Industry leader and industry spokesman for Bus Reform in NSW; he is also on the Advisory Board to the NSW Transport and Logistic Centre.

BusNSW Staff

Matt Threlkeld - Industry Development Manager
Philip Whipp - Contracts and Compliance Manager
Sanjana Shankar - Accounts Manager
Melissa Bowden - Marketing & Events Officer
Jacqui Jaeger - Graphic Design
Carla Mirabilio - Reception & Administration


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