Bus & Coach Driver of the Year 2016
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Bus & Coach Driver of the Year 2016 - Winners

BusNSW’s “Bus Driver of the Year” Awards were established in 2006 to recognise individuals for their outstanding contribution to the NSW Bus and Coach Industry.  As the interface between bus operators and their customers, the industry depends heavily on its drivers to provide the kind of customer service that the travelling public expect and rely upon. This year the awards were presented in October at the Australian Bus and Coach Show, Sydney Showground.

The Awards are sponsored by mobitec and are divided into three categories below.

Metropolitan Bus Driver of the Year

Winner: LORRAINNE GRIFFITHS from Interline Bus Service

Pictured: Tim Reardon (Transport for NSW), Lorrainne Griffiths, Bob Barwick (mobitec)

The winner of the Metropolitan Bus Driver of the Year is  Lorrainne Griffiths, a driver described by her employer as an “absolute asset”, both to the company, and to public transport in general.  Lorrainne is well respected by her colleagues and management and, most of all, by the passengers she carries.

Her friendly, down to earth attitude and her professional presentation make Lorrainne a stand out, and she is always proactive within the business, with ideas to make the workplace a happier, safer and positive place for drivers and passengers.

Lorrainne is also known by the local police and ambulance for her “beyond the call of duty attitude”.  She is also a senior driver trainer within the company and has recently been recommended for a promotion within the Operations Control Room of the business.

Rural & Regional Bus Driver of the Year

Winner: FALA FAATAMALA from Qcity Transit

Pictured: Tim Reardon (Transport for NSW), Fala Faatamala, Bob Barwick (mobitec)

The Rural and Regional Bus Driver for this Year Fala Faatamla has driven school, route and charter buses for his employer since 2000.  His employer receives regular compliments from passengers.  These comments note that Fala greets all customers in a polite and friendly manner and that he goes out of his way to assist passengers.  This has included helping elderly passengers on and off the bus, patiently assisting passengers with a disability to get to their destination, and waiting for school children who are running late for their bus.  Passengers note that he clearly loves his job.

From the company’s perspective, Fala always presents professionally in full uniform and a tie.  He also takes great pride in the vehicle he drives, and washes his bus before every shift. Fala also leads the depot in a range of community events including the annual Kids for Cancer rally and often has kids suffering from cancer on his bus during the convoy.

In the words of one of his passengers, Fala is “a rare and valuable part of our society and is the best thing since sliced bread!”

Coach Driver of the Year

Winner: TREVOR WHITE from All Australian Journeys

This winner of this year’s Coach Driver of the Year Trevor White, is another driver who goes beyond the call of duty to assist the customers he transports.  His attention to detail and the support he shows all of his passengers make him a great asset for the business. He is emotionally intelligent and can see when people are struggling and need help or support, and when they need a laugh.  Trevor shows great amounts of patience dealing with clients who are elderly, frail or who require special assistance to complete their journey comfortably.  

Trevor is extremely knowledgeable about Australia, which is a great asset for a coach driver, and his willingness to share that knowledge helps everyone in the company perform their job better.  He works hard to resolve issues and contributes to improving the company’s policies and procedures – he is a positive force for change.  With his passion for his job, our country and the people he transports, Trevor is loved by everyone who meets him!.

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