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BusNSW Bulletin

The BusNSW Bulletin is a leading magazine of the New South Wales Bus and Coach Industry, and the official journal of BusNSW.

The Bulletin Content and Circulation

As a business publication, the BusNSW Bulletin is your fundamental source of essential news and information on bus and coach operations, contracts, bus reform, accreditation, tourism, business, finance and BusNSW partnerships. The BusNSW Bulletin also offers important and timely information on government policy and legislation, national issues, and current wage rates.

 The BusNSW Bulletin is produced 11 times per year ( February - December )

  • It is sent to all active BusNSW Members together with NSW State and Federal politicians.
  • Over 1000 copies are sent out each issue.

Advertising in the BusNSW Bulletin

For advertisers, the BusNSW Bulletin is a key means to gaining valuable and effective exposure to the NSW Bus and Coach Industry, while reaching the core decision-makers including chief executive officers, directors and executive management.

  • For information on advertising please contact Jacqui Jaeger on 02 8839 9500 or email
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Bulletin Issues Available for Download (for Members Ony)

To download copies of the BusNSW Bulletin Magazine click here »

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